Snapchat Lenses Now Available on Twitch

Snapchat has come to Twitch with a new program called Snap Camera letting streamers and desktop users cover their faces with different game-related lenses.

Snap announced the release of Snap Camera amid the TwitchCon events that are going on now. An extension was specially made for Twitch and can be found and installed here to easily integrate the lenses from Snapchat into players' streams. Any streamer can use the extension so long as they have the Snap Camera app installed on their computer, and Twitch affiliates can use the lenses to their advantage when growing their channel.

"The Snap Camera extension brings the magic of Snapchat's Lenses to your live streams," Twitch's description of the extension said. "There are thousands of face Lenses to choose from — from iconic classics, to Lens Studio community creations! React to game events, amplify your streaming persona, or just have fun expressing yourself to your viewers. Viewers can unlock whatever Lens you're wearing. If you're a Twitch affiliate partner, you can even drive subscriptions to your channel with this tool. Simply choose a Lens that activates whenever someone subs for a custom way to thank your community!"

To get started with the extension, Snap Camera first has to be downloaded here with the video above explaining how it works. Though Twitch has its own extension for the service and is likely the first streaming platform that people would think of when looking to use the Snapchat lenses on a computer, the Snap Camera program also works with other platforms.

"Snap Camera syncs with the camera connected to your computer and works with some of your favorite video-sharing platforms and apps," Snap's news post explained. "This means wearing Lenses while recording your next Youtube video, or even while streaming with apps like Skype, Google Hangouts, and OBS. We've also developed a custom Snap Camera integration just for streaming on Twitch."


The lenses available through the Snap Camera app are created by Lens Studio users who build their own effects for people to use. As seen in the video, several games such as League of Legends and Overwatch already have different lenses that can be used when playing the games such as the hero McCree and Tibbers, the pet bear that accompanies Annie in League.

Snap Camera and its Twitch extension are now available for streamers and content creators to use.