Adam Sandler Reviews Sonic the Hedgehog, Says It Was His Last Night Out Before Quarantine

Adam Sandler reviewed the Sonic the Hedgehog movie during a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! [...]

Adam Sandler reviewed the Sonic the Hedgehog movie during a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The star went out to see the Jim Carrey vehicle as a part of his final night out before coronavirus quarantine began. Sandler told the host that he had seen the Los Angeles Lakers earlier and didn't feel like heading home just yet. Funny enough, by the time the party got to the theater, there were already indications that things were changing. The screening wasn't nearly as packed as usual, and the people in the room were keeping their distance. Sandler enjoyed the movie enough to give Carrey a buzz on the way out and crack a slightly dark joke about the evening.

"That was a good night [at the Lakers] we were all allowed to go out then. I had a couple of more nights out," he explained. "I saw Jim Carrey's movie, the Sonic. I noticed that people were spread out, there were only a few of us in the theaters and I was laughing very loud. The people behind us were laughing too. So I think our last big night out: Sonic."

Sandler continued, "I called [Jim] Carrey from the theater. I was telling him how funny he was while it was going on. I didn't know it was going to be the last movie I ever saw at a movie theater."

In a previous interview with Cinemablend, Ben Schwartz admitted that they were very lucky to have the veteran comedian in the fold. Even Sandler's estimation of the film hinges on it.

"I think we just got lucky that Jim Carrey happened to decide he just wanted to do this movie," Schwartz said. "Because Jim Carrey being [in] just legitimizes the whole thing. And then also he's just like, 'I'm gonna do comedy, the type of comedy that you've seen me do back in the day, I'm gonna do that again.' He can do everything and he's like, 'I'm gonna choose this.'"

He added, "I mean when I watched it for the first time I literally went to – we were in a small theater with just like three or four people – and I was like, 'Oh my god,' because I wasn't on set. So, the first time that I saw Jim Carrey stuff was when I was getting screened and I was like, 'Oh my god, we are so lucky. He just decided this is the movie he's gonna do this again in.'"

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