Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Is Returning to Theaters

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie that released to far better reviews than movie adaptations of video games typically do is coming back to theaters for a limited time. The Twitter account set up for the movie prior to its release announced the return to theaters in the United States and Canada and said the movie will only be around for a while. This return to the big screen for the movie that’s months old by now comes at a time when theaters are starting to reopen again with precautions in place, though not everyone is on board with going back to visit just yet.

A date for when the movie will leave theaters again wasn’t given since it’ll likely depend on a theater-by-theater basis, but the movie’s now back for a while. You can see where it’s available below and pick up tickets while you can.

Those tickets are often quite cheap since movie theaters are hoping people will be enticed to return to the establishments to watch some movies after being away for so long, but the return of Sonic of the Hedgehog and other movies may still be understandably too soon for some. Discussions about the potential reopenings of theaters have seen experts suggesting that there’s no viable way for these theaters to reopen safely right now, but many are still opting to reopen now anyway.

Those sorts of questions about whether to reopen or not have affected movie releases more than once as well. Tenet, for example, is getting an international release, but it’s skipping some places, namely the United States.


If you don’t want to worry about going to the theaters to see the movie, you can always pick it up on Blu-ray or digital formats since it’s been available in those ways for some time now. If you’ve never seen the film and aren’t sure if it’s worth the time, you can check out our review of Sonic the Hedgehog to see our thoughts on the movie.

“Sonic the Hedgehog is a totally harmless kids movie that manages to have enough heart and humor to keep the adults entertained, too,” an excerpt from our review read. “Schwartz perfectly embodies the character to hilarious effect and steals the show so often that the movie suffers when he’s absent for too long, though sequences of Carrey's Robotnik offer plenty of jokes to keep the adults laughing. Natasha Rothwell also appears in a supporting role that generates some of the biggest laughs of the movie, despite minimal interaction with Sonic at all.”