Here’s a Closer Look At the Puma x Sega Sonic Shoes

Last month, we reported on the news that Sega was teaming up with Puma to create a special pair of [...]

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Last month, we reported on the news that Sega was teaming up with Puma to create a special pair of Sonic the Hedgehog themed shoes, called the RS-0 SONIC models. Set to release in June 2018, these multi-colored shoes promise to make any person's pair of feet stand out, if only because they make them feel like they "gotta go fast."

Today, our good friend Wario64 on Twitter posted a trio of new pictures featuring the Sonic shoes, and getting a better look at them, we can see what kind of detail Puma put into their design – and they're eye-strikingly cool.

First off, take a close look at the blue and white stenciling on the shoes themselves. They actually look like Sonic the Hedgehog's fur, right down to the dandruff-style layout.

What's more, look at the laces. Not only are they blue, but the hoops that hold them into place are actually golden rings, similar to the ones that Sonic collects in so many of his games. And you can see the Sonic the Hedgehog insignia on the tongue of each shoe, along with the Puma logo. Check out the bottom of the shoes, too – Sonic the Hedgehog in bright red!

Sonic Puma 2

Next up, check out the color design. You can actually see dashes of green, red and yellow to go along with the blue, along with the red straps that appear to be hanging off the back. You can also see the "RS-0" numbering on the rear side of the show, indicating just how one-of-a-kind these designs are.

Sonic Puma

Finally, let's take a look inside the shoes. You'll see what appears to be some sort of interior design with a consistent, connected ring appearance, along with a picture of Sonic in one of the shoes, and the Puma/Sonic the Hedgehog logo in the other. Oh, yeah, these are definitely gamer shoes, through and through.

Sonic Puma 3

While the shoes are set to become available this June, pricing hasn't been revealed as of yet, so your guess is as good as hours in terms of how much they're going to set you back. Around $100 seems like a safe guess, though, with the design, they might be a little more. Whatever they are, we need them on our feet. Because gotta go fast!