Sony Will Continue To Back New Properties For PlayStation

Sony is a company that has grown reliant on hit franchises – and it’s not hard to see why. [...]


Sony is a company that has grown reliant on hit franchises – and it's not hard to see why. Games like Ratchet & Clank and the Uncharted series have done exceptionally well for the company, and 2018 will be even bigger with the return of Spider-Man and God of War on the PS4 front.

But that doesn't mean the company isn't fond of the idea of new properties. After all, Horizon: Zero Dawn arrived earlier this year, proving that fresh blood can do just as well as the older franchises on the market.

To further clarify the importance of new IPs, Michael Denny, who serves as senior vice president for Sony's worldwide studios, explained that the company will "always back" the idea of having them around, according to his interview with VG247.

He did acknowledge that new ideas could be risky, mainly due to the "big challenge" of getting them into gamers' hands the right way, but it's a gamble that pays off in the long run.

"It's interesting that at this stage in the life cycle, we've got big new IP's, triple A IP's, to come, with Ghost of Tsushima and games like Days Gone as well," he said. "We'll always back new IP. But what we'll say is well, we're gonna be smart about how we develop those games and make sure we have a strong pre-production process and really prove out the key elements of those games along the way. But doing new IP's and trying to create new genres is something we'll always back."

Sony does aim to provide an alternate selection of game choices to its players, whether it's puzzle games, action games or racing games, like its Gran Turismo line-up. "I think Worldwide Studios has always operated in that way," he said. "We want to encourage studios to come up with exciting, innovative, great, high quality ideas."

We can only hope Sony continues to be on the rise next year with its killer game line-up. We'll find out in just a couple of weeks what it has lined up, as it's bound to make several announcements at its PlayStation Experience event.