Sony Doesn't Expect PlayStation 5 Launch to Be Notably Impacted by Coronavirus

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has delayed numerous releases and production of upcoming [...]

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has delayed numerous releases and production of upcoming products, but Sony says the company doesn't expect the launch of the PlayStation 5 to be affected. The PlayStation 5 still doesn't have a set release date, but it's supposed to be released later this year during the holiday season. Events and releases that far out haven't been cancelled or postponed much with most of those actions reserved for things happening within the next few months, but there have been questions considering everything that's been happening about whether the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X would be delayed.

The status of the PlayStation 5 has been up in the air as of late, but Sony apparently doesn't think the coronavirus situation will affect the console's launch. There have been reports that the PlayStation 5 remained on schedule despite the rampant cancellations and uncertainties, and in a statement shared with Bloomberg, a Sony spokesperson confirmed plans are moving forward. The Bloomberg article detailed Sony's revised financial projections due to the coronavirus and quoted a Sony spokesperson as saying that the company doesn't foresee the current situation having a "notable impact" on the PlayStation 5 launch.

A "notable impact" could be many things, one of which would certainly be a delay, so those looking forward to the next-gen console from Sony can rest easy knowing that it apparently hasn't been delayed, for now. That's not to say that the current situation won't have any impact at all on the console, but it looks like plans to launch it during the holidays are still set.

The last update on the status of the PlayStation 5 saw Sony saying the situation was not currently impacting the production of the console.

As for the Xbox Series X, GameStop's CEO George Sherman recently said that he has not received any indication that the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X will be delayed because of the coronavirus. Couple that with Sony's latest update and it seems both consoles are still on track for their release.

The Xbox Series X is dealing with its own problems right now separate from possible delays, however. Just this week, a hacker claimed to have stolen some sensitive information from AMD that included the source code for the Xbox Series X's graphics. The person is reportedly asking for $100 million in ransom for the information.