Spider-Man PS4 File Size Confirmed

Yesterday we reported on the news regarding the play time that you’ll get out of Insomniac [...]

Spider-Man 2

Yesterday we reported on the news regarding the play time that you'll get out of Insomniac Games' Spider-Man for PlayStation 4, which averages about 20 hours with all the side missions. That's a pretty extravagant number, and also doesn't include just swinging around and goofing off around the city, which we totally intend to do.

But now more information has come to light, including the hard drive space that'll be required in order to put the game on your system (both digital and physical), as well as word about a day one patch that'll be launched alongside the game when it comes out next week.

When a fan inquired about the size of the game overall, Insomniac community manager James Stevenson got back to them on Twitter, confirming that the game will take up about 45 GB of hard drive space before the day one patch. He wasn't sure just how much more would be needed for the patch, but it probably wouldn't hurt to save 5GB or so. Check out the tweet below.

As for the patch, Stevenson also talked a little more about it when a fan asked about whether the game would have accessibility options like Uncharted 4 and God of War have. It's here that Stevenson mentioned the patch, but wouldn't go into detail on what it'll provide. More than likely, we'll see a few bug fixes as well as performance improvements, though we'll be getting those details "closer to release." You can see that tweet below.

It sounds like Insomniac Games has its work cut out for it even with the game going gold and all, so we'll see what improvements come for Spider-Man when it arrives on September 7 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. We just need to get swingin' already, guys!