'Spider-Man' PS4 Offers More Evidence for a Miles Morales Spider-Man

WARNING: This article is pure speculation, but there could be story-related spoilers ahead. You [...]

WARNING: This article is pure speculation, but there could be story-related spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

There are a few interesting threads that, when connected, could be hinting at the inclusion of multiple masked heroes in Marvel's Spider-Man. We know that Miles Morales will be in the game, and we've speculated in the past that he could end up wearing a Spider-Man suit himself, and a new issue of The Daily Bugle could be corroborating that theory.

In the latest issue of the Bugle, we read that Spider-Man has been inspiring NY citizens to don a costume of their own and take to the streets. The op-ed is penned by none other than Jonah Jameson, and you can practically hear him hissing and growling as he notes that the "unchecked vigilantism" is causing serious issues in the city.

"Sure, they'll get the few perks of wearing his mask," he says, "fan selfies, freebies from spider sympathizers. They won't be so lucky when they come across any one of the webhead's enemies." Apparently, that's exactly what may have happened to Miles Morales in the beginning of the game. Check out the opening moments of the latest Marvel's Spider-Man trailer, and pay attention to what Spidey says when they first meet:

"Look," Spider-Man says to Moarles, "next time, leave the fighting to the pros." We can see that Morales is wearing a red hoodie, which may have been part of his own home-made costume. Again, just moments later, we hear Morales ask, "What if there aren't any around?" This seems like pretty big foreshadowing to us, especially since most of us know Morales as one of the most famous Spider-Men.

Let's look at another trailer for further evidence. At the 28-second mark of the Comic-Con trailer, we witness a meeting between Morales, Mary Jane, and Spider-Man. Mary Jane states that the city needs their help, and Spider-Man takes her statement even further, saying that the city needs all of their help.

"What's the play, coach?" Morales asks. It's a common phrase, but it cold be pointing to something more significant. Insomniac Games Creative Director Bryan Intihar has pointed out that mentorship is a major theme in this game. Could we be witnessing the genesis of Peter Parker and Miles Morales' partnership as mentor and student? Could one be grooming the other to be the city's next masked crime fighter?

Of course, that would require Parker to step aside, right? We believe that we may see that happen. You can read more about why we think Spider-Man may be giving up his side-gig as a superhero right here.