Spider-Man PS4 Reveals New Photos of Spidey and Rhino

Spider-Man PS4 Rhino
(Photo: Sony)

The latest online edition of the Daily Bugle went live on Wednesday and gave us fresh looks at the characters of Insomniac Games' Spider-Man.

Following the first issue of the online newspaper that went live a month ago at E3, the second one that's arrived shows off both Rhino and Spider-Man, or as he's referred to in the paper, the Spider-Menace. Both characters had their own stories featured in the paper, one a news report and the other an op-ed, that shared more insight into what the two are doing in the world of Insomniac Games' PlayStation 4 exclusive.

The first story written by the Daily Bugle's Ben Urich headlines issue No. 2 with a clash between Rhino and Spider-Man. Stopping the armored villain from making off with stolen gold, the brawl between the two left destruction and questions in its wake.

"Spider-Man ultimately subdued the horned hot-head, but only after the destructive duo razed an entire city block and pulverized the city's beloved ice rink," the Daily Bugle article said. "Now that Rhino has been shipped off to the Raft, New York City's maximum-security prison, one question remains: will taxpayers pick up the multimillion-dollar tab for Spidey's latest damage?"

While the first report hinted at some of the opinions of the web-slinger that New Yorkers hold regarding his heroic deeds that occasionally leave behind a mess to clean up, the op-ed that shared another image of Spider-Man was a bit more blunt. Echoing the sentiments of others who would see Spider-Man out of the picture in favor of more traditional law enforcement, an op-ed called for New York to "Sideline the Spider."

Spider-Man PS4
(Photo: Sony)

"Let us not rely on this masked menace to do the job of individuals who have trained years to do! If he's serious about ridding New York City of crime, he should follow law enforcement's lead and fight crime the legal way: with a uniform and badge!"

The last at Spider-Man came not from the Daily Bugle, but from a PlayStation promotion for the latest issue of the newspaper. Sharing a tweet with a brief video summing up all the articles, Sony gave us our first look at the hero's "classic" costume in the image below.

spider-man ps4
(Photo: Sony)

Though those were some of the only images shared in the newspaper, it contained written references to even more characters. While he wasn't mentioned by name, Carrion definitely appears to be referenced in the issue while an origin character that some might remember was also hinted at.

Spider-Man launches on the PlayStation 4 on September 7.