Spider-Man Goes Retro With a Fan-Made Trailer

Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 has gotten several trailers to show off the game's story, gameplay, and villains, but this new retro trailer that was made by a fan might be one of the best yet.

YouTuber Ascender created the video above that shows clip after clip from the PlayStation 4 exclusive with a grainy filter giving the trailer that distinct retro vibe. Typefaces and graphics appropriate for the effect Ascender's going for like the flashing spiderwebs and the characters that are introduced add to the trailer as well, but the real way that it's all tied together is with the help of the Spider-Man theme song from the 1960s.

The theme song of the same name as the PS4 game that's releasing later this year was first heard back in 1987 with the catch tune prefacing every episode of the animated series. Other Spider-Man theme songs have been heard throughout the years since that one was released decades ago, but it's still by far the most iconic and memorable version of the hero's theme. Most Spider-Man fans will likely already know every word to the song, but Ascender shared the lyrics right beneath the video for anyone who's just getting onboard with Spider-Man for the upcoming game.

Along with being heard in the trailer, the same theme has been used in newer Spider-Man movies as well since it's so well known throughout the Marvel universe and even outside of the hero's fandom. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming both featured it in some way, and with how popular it was and still is, it's entirely possible that Insomniac Games and Sony might have some plan to use it in the game as well as an Easter egg that players can look forward to. Hopefully there weren't any plans to use it in a trailer though because Ascender seems to have that covered, unless Insomniac wants to bust out some new gameplay.

The Spider-Man theme will be the only hero song that you hear in the game though, if any, or at least that's what it looks like with Insomniac Games' creative director Bryan Intihar saying that there won't be any other heroes in the game such as the Avengers or anyone else. Evidence from the games' trailers and promotional material show that these characters at least exist in the game, in terms of who players will see, it looks like this is a one-spider show.


Spider-Man releases for the PS4 on September 7.