Spider-Man PS4 Teases Black Cat Content


Sony has been going all out with Spider-Man promotion at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, including print up issues of the Daily Bugle, featuring notes about potential content within the game, including Norman Osborn running for mayor and more.

But we found one interesting tease that could hint at Black Cat being part of the proceedings.

This image over on the PlayStation page features a number of excerpts from the Daily Bugle printing, but there's one in particular that stands out near the bottom, hinting that the Black Cat is hard at work. You can read the full excerpt below:

"A string of robberies targeting NYC's elite have police scratching their heads. Who's foolish enough to target New York City's rich and powerful? Apparently, someone familiar with sophisticated home security systems, the likes of which are normally reserved for art museums and diamond importers.

"Authorities lack any leads confirming whether the break-ins are executed by a single thief or a ring of criminals. Inside sources claim the culprit leaves a "calling card" at each crime scene, at least confirming police hunches that it's no common crook burgling our city's elite.

"The city's wealthiest families demand justice, cranking the heat up to full blast on police to crack this case. And if they continue to fail, some suggest victims will invite outside forces to demystify the million-dollar bandit and bring them into custody."

While that's not an official confirmation for Black Cat, it sounds like it could be her dirty work -- which means Spidey's hands are definitely going to be full once she shows up.


We already know that a bunch of side content is being planned for Spider-Man, as Insomniac Games is packing the game to the hilt with hours worth of missions to take on aside from the main side story. Being able to pursue Black Cat and maybe do a little investigating sounds like it'll be a lot of fun. But the question is will Spidey be able to bring her to justice? Or will she slip right through his webbing?

Spider-Man will release on September 7 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.