Spider-Man Vs Arkham Knight: Graphics Analysis Video Decides Best-Looking Superhero Game

Spider-Man PS4 from Insomniac Games seems to be on everyone's minds - and for good reason! There have been many superhero games in the past, but of those - only a select few have passed the fandom test. Of those favored titles includes the iconic Batmam Arkham series, so the comparisons between the two were inevitable. But how does the upcoming Spider-Man game truly stack up? We've got the video analysis right here!

In the video above, Digital Foundry does what they do best: pick apart everything. They are taking what we learned from E3 as well as comparing it to that of the Arkham series. Per their video's description, "Insomniac draws on the Ratchet and Clank engine to push some incredible animations and post-effects in Spider-Man. Visually, the only contender this generation is 2015's Batman Arkham Knight -- itself with a similar open-world dynamic, and great effects."

There is no denying that the game is stunning and we even got our own hands-on time with the game. To say we were impressed is a massive understatement, and Digital Foundry echoed much of what we have said previously. That being said, they have the technical knowhow that we just didn't have at the time, too busy drooling, but running on the PlayStation 4 Pro provided a stunning reading of 1440P and a fixed resolution of 2560x1440. Yeah, it's that amazing.

I will add on to their commentary here a bit by saying I understand the need to reference Batman, largely because it seems to be the method of comparison for any superhero game, or games with extreme dynamicism seen in movement styles. That being said, while playing it myself I was comparing it to that of Arkham, though my mind kept abandoning that comparison in favor of another Insomniac Games experience: Sunset Overdrive.

This game felt distinctly Sunset Overdrive, moreso than it did Arkham. Makes sense, given that both Spider-Man and Sunset Overdrive are both by Insomniac, but the freeform traversals definitely was more closely related to that of the Xbox One exclusive. There's so much freedom, the momemtum build-up was addictive, and the desire to explore more was definitely present, as it was in Sunset.


Overall, as you can see in the video above, this game has exactly what players have been asking for and is something that Marvel fans can look forward to.

Spider-Man releases exclusively on the PlayStation 4 September 7th.