Nintendo Confirms Splatoon 3 Isn't In Development

(Photo: Nintendo)

If you were hoping Splatoon 3 was in development over at Nintendo, I have bad news for you: it isn't. According to a producer on the game, it's unclear what's in the future for the series, but for now there's no new game in development. That doesn't mean there won't ever be a new entry in the series down the line, but at the moment, Nintendo isn't actively developing a third installment.

As mentioned above, the news comes way of series producer Hisashi Nogami, who revealed as much while speaking with Weekly Famitsu (via Japanese Nintendo). According to Nogami, not only is a new installment not currently in the pipeline, the team hasn't even really thought about a new entry, and what they would do for it.

That said, there's still hope we'll get a third entry, as Nogami did mention he and the team would "like to return the favor" to fans who've been supporting Splatoon 2, and before that Splatoon.

For those that don't know: neither of the two games set the world on fire commercially outside of Japan, but the series does boast a decently sized and very passionate community that really, really likes Splatoon, such as a our reviewer of Splatoon 2.

"Listen up, squiddos. I'm giving Splatoon 2 a 5 out of 5, so if you just came in here for the review score, let me save you a few seconds of scrolling," reads the opening of the review. "'What a fanboy,' I hear you say. You're right. I loved the first Splatoon; I was over the moon when Splatoon 2 was revealed; I went into this review with no shortage of hype, and very high expectations. Unlike most of you, I was hoping more than anything that Splatoon 2 would be iterative and not drastically different from the first. I wanted so much more of the same, but with new settings, new gear, new characters, and new modes. Splatoon 2 delivered on every front."


Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Would you like to see Splatoon 3 for Nintendo Switch? If so, what would you like to see from a third entry?