Spotify For Xbox App Now Listed In Microsoft Store

A reveal of Spotify for the Xbox One draws nearer every time that the music-streaming app is [...]

(Photo: Spotify)

A reveal of Spotify for the Xbox One draws nearer every time that the music-streaming app is teased, but it looks like the impending release is coming quite soon now that a Spotify listing is now available in the Microsoft Store.

The only bad news as of now is that the download option isn't live at the moment, so you'll still have to wait a bit longer before you're streaming your music in the background of your favorite games. With how much the app has openly been seen through social media and other official Xbox-related content, it's only a matter of time before it's readily available.

After the app was first seen being used by Xbox Live's Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb and a screenshot of his usage began circulating on Twitter, a new weekly Xbox video showed the app in use once again.

Towards the end of the video, a brief look at the menu showed that Spotify was indeed in use, and the controls pointed towards capabilities for background music. That particular feature was confirmed on the app's product page in the Microsoft Store alongside other features, seen below, that Spotify users are likely familiar with.

  • Play music free and on-demand
  • Listen in the background
  • Control music on your phone, without interrupting your game
  • Enjoy curated gaming playlists
  • Search any song
  • Listen ad-free and in HQ audio (Premium)
Xbox Spotify
(Photo: Microsoft Store)

The option to control music with your phone or other mobile device while creating your own custom gaming playlists to fit the mood through Spotify is a welcome addition to the capabilities of the Xbox One, but it does leave some players wondering what took so long for the service to make the transition to Microsoft's console.

For PlayStation 4 users, taking advantage of all the benefits of Spotify has been something they've been able to enjoy for quite a while now, the service working with Sony's systems since 2015. It's not a pivotal moment in the console wars debate, but it's at least one thing that the two competitors will now have in common very soon when Spotify is fully available on the Xbox One.

[via GameSpot]