Square Enix Confirms Plans for E3 2019 Showcase

Square Enix has joined other major gaming companies in confirming its plans to make an appearance at E3 2019. It doesn't look like publisher of big franchises like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts is ready to unveil its detailed plans for the event just yet, but we do know when Square Enix will take the stage at E3. The company's showcase is scheduled to take place on June 10th at 6 p.m. PT with a new site now set up to share news on E3 as it's released.

The announcement regarding Square Enix's early E3 plans was shared on Monday. It's worth noting that with the time Square Enix has been slotted into, it's taken the place of Sony now that the PlayStation 4 company won't be attending the event this year. That doesn't necessarily speak to the quality of Square Enix's upcoming event, but one would hope the company has big plans in a spot that's brought people exciting news in the past.

Considering how last year's presentation went down for Square Enix, the company's fans will no doubt be hoping for a more promising even this year. Square Enix had a few surprises during E3 2019 such as Babylon's Fall, a game being developed by PlatinumGames which we still haven't heard anything else about, but the event was largely unexceptional compared to what other companies had to offer.

There wasn't any news on Square Enix's highly-anticipated game called The Avengers Project which didn't sit well with people, though there's always the chance it could make an appearance this year. Reactions, for the most part, lamented the fact that the Square Enix presentation was so short and that it didn't have more information on the company's biggest franchises. A Kingdom Hearts III trailer was shown during the presentation, but it was one people had already gotten a better look at during Microsoft's conference.

Square Enix's E3 2019 showcase is set for June 10th at 6 p.m. PT.


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