Internet Reacts to Square Enix E3 Presentation


Square Enix's E3 presentation is now over as quickly as it started, and many people are sounding off about the conference with some calling it the worst one of this year's E3.

Kicking off the presentation with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Square Enix showed an extended look at the game with a new gameplay trailer. It's a game that already has everything people need to know such as a release date, plot, and more details, but it was a safe start. As the presentation continued, it became clear that Square Enix would be sticking to those safe spaces by reshowing already seen trailer for games like Kingdom Hearts III and sharing another announcement about Just Cause 4 that was announced yesterday during Microsoft's presentation.

While many E3 viewers were currently ranking EA Play's conference at the lower end of the totem pole – some specifically for its lack of Skate 4 – some have now changed their minds to put Square Enix at the back of the pack.

In Square Enix's defense, they did announce two games that haven't been seen before be it in a standalone release or in a series. Babylon's Fall, a medieval-looking game with swords and supernatural powers was revealed alongside another game called The Quiet Man, a title that features a silent man who beat up some people in an alley.


There was also another key component missing from Square Enix's presentation that many expected: The Avengers Project. It's a game that Marvel and Square Enix are working on together, and though it wasn't previewed to be at E3, everyone knows that it exists and was hoping for it to be there. It wasn't and you can see how disappointed everyone is by checking out some of the reactions here.