Report: Square Enix’s The World Ends With You Follow-Up Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Square Enix has made note in the past that it’s looking to provide more support for the Nintendo [...]


Square Enix has made note in the past that it's looking to provide more support for the Nintendo Switch, especially with its increased system sales. And some rumors are circulating that it could be giving the console a long-awaited sequel.

This Reddit report indicates that a sequel to the 2007 Nintendo DS game The World Ends With You is in development, and could be announced as soon as E3 2018, as part of Nintendo's showcase for the hybrid console/handheld system.

The initial game got a lot of praise upon its release, based around its innovative soundtrack, unique integration of action and role-playing elements, and wicked art style. It also made proper use of the touch-screen set-up of the DS when it came to performing certain attacks, which would make the sequel an ideal game for the Switch platform.

Now, that Reddit link isn't official by any means, and we've seen Square Enix reports in the past that have ended up being false, like domestic releases of Dragon Quest Heroes I & II and Secret of Mana Collection, despite the fact we haven't gotten either yet. So take it with a very light grain of salt at the moment. However, if things can get worked out between Square Enix and Nintendo, it would make a key third-party exclusive for the handheld in 2018, and help push the Switch to new heights, especially with the role-playing community.

The initial DS release ended up being a huge seller in Japan, so there's no reason why The World Ends With You 2 (or maybe The World Ends With You, Too?) wouldn't be, especially with the Switch's popularity. But, again, this could just be rumor, with the publisher instead focusing on other popular franchises.

We'll see what gets announced next year, but, in the meantime, we suggest hunting down the original game for the Nintendo DS. It's a terrific adventure that's well worth checking out, especially if you're looking for something different from what Square Enix usually offers. A comeback for this short-lived series would certainly be welcome – especially for those looking for a worthwhile role-playing game on the Switch!