Squirrel With a Gun Video Game Goes Viral Following Absurd Gameplay Clips

A new game known very simply as Squirrel With a Gun has gone viral after some gameplay clips showed the playable squirrel terrorizing the world with guns. There are a lot of amazing video games out there. Some of them tell incredible stories. Some have incredibly engaging gameplay. Some even push the boundaries of entertainment as we know it thanks to the ever-evolving nature of this medium. And some just love to be absolutely absurd and create whacky fantasies that feel like a trip. Over the last decade or so, a lot of indie games about animals have popped up such as Goat Simulator, Untitled Goose Game, and the slightly more earnest and critically acclaimed cat game, Stray.

There's now a new entry in the animal video game genre thanks to Squirrel With a Gun. This game has been going viral because, as you may expect, you play as a squirrel who can wield a gun. One video that went viral shows the squirrel wielding a normal-sized pistol and mugging a human who decides to run away before ripping and falling over. Another video shows the squirrel using a mini-uzi, but not to kill anyone. The squirrel is able to fire it and use its recoil to essentially fly. It's truly amazing and it's coming to Steam. 

The game doesn't have a release date right now, but it's hard to imagine creator Dan DeEntremont not getting some extra support from a publisher or something after all of the attention this game has gotten on social media. Only time will tell what else you can get up to in the game, but from some screenshots on the game's Steam page it looks like there will be agents to chase after you and you can pick up other objects like bricks and hurl them around. Needless to say, this is the kind of chaos we all need in the gaming world right now.

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[H/T Dexerto]