New Star Ocean Announced at State of Play

During today's PlayStation State of Play presentation, Square Enix pulled back the curtain on Star Ocean The Divine Force. One of the biggest trailers revealed during the stream, the newest Star Ocean game is set to release next year on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In the trailer, Square Enix teases a meeting of two heroes that will decide the fate of the universe. The trailer has an epic quality to it, foreshadowing the kind of tale that should be quite welcome for RPG aficionados! 

The first trailer for the game can be found embedded below.

The Divine Force will center around Raymond, the captain of Ydas, a merchant vessel. After his ship is attacked, Raymond and first mate Elena end up on the planet Aster IV. There, Raymond is saved by Laeticia, the princess of the Kingdom of Aucerius. Their meeting kicks off the events of the game, and the decisions that players make will have an impact on the rest of the party, as well as the game's narrative. Of course, the Star Ocean series has always allowed player choices to shape the story, so fans should be happy to see that element maintained!

As seen in the trailer, The Divine Force allows players to fly around the game's environments, offering greater room to explore. This element will also play into the game's combat system, allowing players to jump right into their attacks, or zip away from their opponents. Square Enix claims that the new Star Ocean will feature "the fastest and mightiest action in the series," so hopefully the game can deliver on that promise! 

The Star Ocean series has been around since 1996, making this year the 25th anniversary of the original game. While Star Ocean has never achieved the same level of popularity of RPGs like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, it has maintained a passionate following. As the first series entry on PlayStation 5, perhaps Star Ocean The Divine Force will help introduce a whole new generation to the games!

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