Star Trek TV and Film Stars Crossover in Fleet Command Ads

Star Trek Fleet Command is giving Star Trek fans the crossover between the franchise's film and [...]

Star Trek Fleet Command is giving Star Trek fans the crossover between the franchise's film and television sides that they've been waiting to see. Star Trek: Discovery's third season was the first Star Trek television series to acknowledge the Kelvin Timeline's existence, and Star Trek television head Alex Kurtzman has hinted that barriers between film and television are falling. In the same vein, Star Trek Fleet Command is the only mobile game where fans can play with characters from both the film series' alternate timeline and Star Trek television's Prime Timeline. Scopely flexed that particular claim to fame by getting Star Trek film actor Karl Urban and Star Trek: Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green together to film a series of ads for the game.

Scopely uploaded a total of four such videos to its YouTube page that see Urban and Martin-Green squaring off in Fleet Command's ship-to-ship combat. Throughout the ads, the two actors poke fun at each other based on their Star Trek characters. Urban jokes about the USS Discovery being powered by mushrooms while Martin-Green suggests Urban should stick to medicine and steals his signature "He's dead, Jim" line. Watch for yourself above and below.

Scopely announced Star Trek: Discovery's arrival in Star Trek Fleet Command during last year's Star Trek Day celebration. Characters and ships from the Paramount+ series are now collectible in the mobile strategy game.

"With over 50 years of content to draw from, this expanded partnership with ViacomCBS Consumer Products marks the first time all of these iconic Star Trek stories, characters, and universes will find a home in one immersive experience," said Steve Huff, Senior Vice President of Product at Scopely in a statement released at the time. "We're honored to be deepening our collaboration with ViacomCBS Consumer Products and contributing to the legacy of Star Trek through our shared mission of delivering an exceptional experience to fans all over the world, for many years to come."

"Star Trek is a multi-generational franchise that continues to generate new iterations to meet the needs of its ever-growing loyal and passionate fan base," said Pam Kaufman, President, Global Consumer Products, ViacomCBS. "With this first-of-its-kind partnership, we are able to harness the combined power of the beloved brand to give gamers a unique opportunity to create their own new adventures utilizing an exciting title from an exceptional partner like Scopely."

What do you think of these crossover ads for Star Trek Fleet Command? Let us know in the comments section. Star Trek Fleet Command is available to play for free on Android and iOS devices.