Star Wars Battlefront 2's BB-8 Update Has Been Delayed

Star Wars Battlefront II players were supposed to be able to play as BB-8 this week thanks to the game's next The Rise of Skywalker update, but it looks like players will have to wait a bit longer before they roll around as the droid. Electronic Arts announced this week that the update which was planned for a January 30th release has been delayed due to a "critical issue" spotted before its release. The update is now planned to release early next week.

Community manager Ben Walke took to the game's forums to announce the delay and explain the reasoning behind it. After spotting the issue that caused the delay, Walke said the team already has a new build that's being checked and that "things are looking positive" ahead of next week's release.

A more specific release window will be shared as progress is made, Walke said.

"Unfortunately, this is sometimes the reality in game development where testing continues right up until an update is deployed onto our live servers," Walke said. "Although disappointing, we feel that it is much better that we found the issue now, rather than have it slip through and make it to our live servers."

Within the replies to the post, Walke answered a player's question when asked what the critical issue was. Walke said players in the Capital Supremacy mode would occasionally be unable to deal any damage to opponents. That's the kind of issue that would've spoiled an otherwise interesting update since some of the content outside of having new heroes deals specifically with Capital Supremacy, so the delay is the better outcome as opposed to releasing a broken update.

Playing as BB-8 or the droid's First Order counterpart, BB-9E, are the highlights of the next update, but they're not all that's included. Capital Supremacy is getting some new content such as two more Capital Ships and the Ajan Kloss world is coming to Hero Showdown. Walke also outlined a few other changes that are included in the update.

"We also have a variety of balance changes as well as fixes and improvements on the way," the post explained. "Darth Vader will now be able to block while choking, Auto Players will be able to carry out melee attacks, Droidekas receive an increase to their shield health and VO announcers will now mention the era-appropriate heroes that spawn. Finn and Kylo Ren both have new emotes, which you can unlock via new milestones."


Star Wars Battlefront II's BB-8 update will now release early next week.