Blizzard Takes Brutal Shots at Star Wars Battlefront II in Series of Tweets

EA might have their hands full dealing with the backlash from Star Wars Battlefront II’s economy [...]

Star Craft II Star Wars Battlefront

EA might have their hands full dealing with the backlash from Star Wars Battlefront II's economy and content restrictions, but Blizzard's not pulling any punches while they market StarCraft II.

Blizzards strategic space game recently became free-to-play following an announcement made during BlizzCon, and with everything that's going on with Star Wars Battlefront II, they apparently saw this as the perfect time to blast the Star Wars game for its pay-to-win characteristics and promote their own game. Through a series of back-to-back tweets, the StarCraft Twitter account ripped into Battlefront II.

First reported by Polygon, the first two Tweets that came from the game's account might not have looked like a direct comparison to Battlefront II at first. The second one gets a bit more direct, but you could still say that they're just marketing their own game instead of referencing another title.

After that though, the account drives the point home with a video and a tweet that highlights exactly how many pay-to-win mechanics that StarCraft II has, a number that totals up to a whopping "0." They capped it off with a "Free to Play – Now Live!" comment that rounded out their marketing of the game and hopefully bring more players into the StarCraft fold.

This isn't the first time that a gaming company has taken a shot at another one while playing up their own game, but it's definitely one of the best that we've seen in a while. There's blood in the water with everything that's going on in the Star Wars universe as players refund their preorders and demand for changes in Battlefield II, so the timing couldn't have been better from Blizzard.

Those who responded to the tweet seem to be siding with Blizzard's stance on the tweets and commended them for their sass and savagery. From Rick and Morty tweets to clips from The Office, the responses were almost as entertaining as the parent tweets, as they usually are.