'Star Wars Battlefront II' Leak Reveals General Grievous

An image of Star Wars Battlefront II's version of General Grievous has leaked ahead of the cyborg's official reveal.

Electronic Arts revealed the updated Star Wars Battlefront II roadmap in September that said General Grievous would be added to the game in October as the newest villain to join the game. He's not out yet though, but an image shared on Reddit claims to show off what he'll look like in the game. The screenshot of General Grievous was shared on the StarWarsLeaks subreddit with the poster saying that it was the Star Wars Battlefront II of the multi-lightsaber-wielding cyborg.

Leaked image of General Grievous in Battlefront 2 from r/StarWarsLeaks

General Grievous looks pretty much like what Star Wars fans would expect from him with the villain wielding four different lightsabers and his body being entirely robotic. How he'll use those lightsabers in Star Wars Battlefront II remains to be seen though with some people pointing out that using four at once might be a bit overpowered, but EA should fully unveil his abilities prior to him being added to the game.

Star Wars Battlefront II players have been waiting on General Grievous for a while now with the Clone Wars antagonist first being announced back at EA Play, EA's conference that it held right before E3 back in June.

"The first of the heroes announced at EA PLAY, General Grievous, is debuting in Star Wars Battlefront II this October," Star Wars Battlefront II's content roadmap said. "The droid army general will be joining his villainous peers on the dark side, certainly looking to add to his collection of Jedi lightsabers."


Now that October is here, EA shared another infographic outlining the plans for Star Wars Battlefront II content throughout the month. The graphic unfortunately doesn't have any dates or times attached to it, but the timeline does give an indication of where General Grievous will find himself among the rest of the content. The timeline above shows that he'll be second-to-last for the month in terms of what's been announced so far with the villain being added just after the double-experience Halloween event.

General Grievous and more content is planned to be added throughout October.