Star Wars Battlefront II's First Season of Updates Begins with Faction Challenges


The first “season” of Star Wars Battlefront II updates has officially begun with new faction quests now live.

Focusing on The Last Jedi, the initial challenges that come with the first season of updates ask players to choose between two sides: The First Order or the Resistance. The next time players sign on to play, they’ll be prompted to chose one of the factions to align with throughout the rest of the first season’s content. After doing so, you’ll find that you have several new challenges available in the Career tab of your profile.

By completing these challenges, you’ll earn yourself some credit and other loot, but you’ll also push the meter in your chosen faction’s favor and move closer to earning better rewards.

“Completing these will not only reward you with Credits and Crafting Parts, but help edge your faction closer to victory, giving all members of that side additional rewards,” an announcement on the faction challenges read. “The other faction will get a Crate of their own with lesser prizes, but it will hopefully come with a drive to fight back even harder. Victory in the week is but one step towards overall success, and a bigger reward at the end of the Season.”


After the first challenge, more trials will come throughout the upcoming weeks. New content will also such as playable heroes, starfighters, and other content will also be released throughout the first season. Captain Phasma and Finn are the two of the most notable additions that are coming soon on Dec. 13, according to the Star Wars Battlefront II roadmap that you can see here, but there’s plenty more content to follow after they’re released.

The best part about all of this content that’s being released is that it’s all going to be free to all players. Star Wars Battlefront II might’ve caught some flak for its microtransactions and pay-to-win concerns, but the free content that’s going to be available to everyone throughout the game’s life should give players something to look forward to as new characters and other content is continually added.