Star Wars Eclipse May Already Be in Development Trouble

Developer Quantic Dream announced earlier this month at The Game Awards that it was working on a new Star Wars video game known as Star Wars Eclipse. The project itself was revealed via a new CG trailer that gave fans a taste of what Eclipse will have in store. And while this title is one that excited a large number of fans around the globe, it sounds like Star Wars Eclipse may already be encountering some development troubles internally. 

In a new video from video game industry insider Tom Henderson, it was alleged that Quantic Dream is having some struggles out of the gate with Star Wars Eclipse. Henderson stressed that this information should be taken as a rumor, but he went on to say that one of the main points of contention with Eclipse at this moment involves the game's engine. Because of the studio's previous work on titles like Detroit: Become Human and Beyond: Two Souls, the engine itself has been designed to work with a very specific type of game. For Quantic Dream to now be scaling up more than before with Star Wars Eclipse means that there are some growing pains being felt with development members.

Henderson also asserts in the video that Star Wars Eclipse has been in development for roughly 18 months at this point and Quantic Dream still doesn't have a playable version of the game internally. While this might not mean anything big in the long run, it does indicate that the project is perhaps getting off to a rougher start than anticipated. Furthermore, Henderson also says that a multiplayer mode is in the cards for Star Wars Eclipse, but those at Quantic Dream are still having trouble with figuring out how it will function. 

As mentioned, it's worth taking all of this information with a grain of salt for the time being as these are all just rumors. In addition, Star Wars Eclipse has already been clearly stated to still be very early in development. As such, many of these issues might not be problematic as Quantic Dream enters full production on Eclipse. Despite this, the game does sound like it's proving to be more of a challenge than the studio potentially planned for. 

What are your initial impressions of Star Wars Eclipse based on what we have seen so far? And do these rumors associated with the game's development concern you at all? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.