New Star Wars Games Accidentally Leaked

The German rating board in charge of rating games for release in the European country just leaked [...]

The German rating board in charge of rating games for release in the European country just leaked a new Star Wars release. Did you know that THQ Nordic is preparing to release Star Wars Racer + Commando Combo and the Star Wars Jedi Knight Collection on PS4 and Nintendo Switch? Neither did anybody else because THQ Nordic has never announced as much, but now the cat is out of the bag thanks to the German rating board. Individually, every game in both bundles is already available on both of these platformers, but they've never been sold together, hence why the games had to be re-rated.

The listings, which were spotted by Gematsu, unfortunately, don't come with any information on release or pricing, but typically when games are rated it's because they are getting ready to release. In other words, we should be hearing more about this in an official capacity soon.

Until this happens though, be sure to take all of this information with a grain of salt. The ratings are real, but everything is always subject to change. And of course, it's also possible more platforms are planned, but right now, if that's the case, the ratings don't reflect as much.

When and if THQ Nordic comments on this ratings leak, we will update the story accordingly. However, don't expect this to happen. Not only does it rarely comment on leaks, but all signs indicate an official announcement is imminent. If this is the case, there's even less incentive than normal to provide any type of comment or statement.

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