Mavix Reveals Its Lowest-Priced Gaming Chair Yet

Mavix has revealed its most affordable gaming chair yet, the M4. Earlier this month, we reviewed [...]

Mavix has revealed its most affordable gaming chair yet, the M4. Earlier this month, we reviewed Mavix's premium chair, the M9. If you read our review, you'll know it's one of the greatest gaming chairs on the market. However, at $999, it's not in everyone's price range. Fast-forward a couple of weeks, and now the experts at Mavix have revealed the M4, a chair that is far more affordable at a price point of $444. Mavix's lowest-cost model, the M4 is already available to pre-order, with shipping scheduled to begin on October 30.

As you can see via the image below, the chair -- which can be ordered here -- comes in four color schemes. One of these color schemes is a classic all-black design, while the other three are a two-color scheme featuring green and black, red and black, and blue and black. Unfortunately, for those that love the all-white design of the aforementioned M9, there's no such option for the M4.

"Loaded with Mavix Mesh and a Spacer Mesh seat, the M4 delivers an optimal sitting experience for the duration of any gaming session. Mavix Mesh is tested to be set at the perfect tension to afford support and conformability for the body," reads an official pitch of the chair.

The pitch continues:

"The M4 also features a fixed back recline function, providing users with a fluid recline and to lock the M4's seat at any desired angle. In addition to these industry-leading features, the M4 comes equipped with the brand's proprietary Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support, which adjusts itself to the user's body with every movement, granting the exact amount of lower back support needed."

It remains to be seen how the M4 compares to the M9 and the other two pre-existing models -- the M7 and the M5 -- in terms of comfort, but just like the other models, the M4 boasts a sleek design and an ergonomic build that differs from the racing chair build of many other gaming chairs.

(Photo: Mavix)

"Mavix is an advocate for healthy gaming, whether an esports athlete, streamer or everyday gamer, the overall health of the gaming community is our top priority," said Tony Mazlish, Mavix CEO and Founder, in a statement that accompanied the M4's reveal. "We truly believe Mavix is for everyone, and by launching the M4 we've made an ergonomic, supportive and comfortable gaming chair accessible for all."

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