Star Wars: Legion Reveals The Mandalorian and Grogu Are Coming to Game

The stars of The Mandalorian have officially come to Star Wars: Legion. Today at Star Wars Celebration, Atomic Mass Games officially announced that Din Djarin and Grogu would come to Star Wars: Legion as part of a brand new Operative Expansion. The characters will add some variety to the mercenary rules being introduced to the popular miniatures skirmish game with the Shadow Collective wave starting next month. You can check out a first look at The Mandalorian and the popular "Baby Yoda" below. 

(Photo: Atomic Mass Games)

Star Wars: Legion is a miniatures skirmish game in which players build armies based around different Star Wars factions. Armies contain a mix of generic units and special operatives, the latter of whom are significantly more powerful. The Shadow Collective is unique in that players can build an army entirely out of mercenaries under the leadership of Darth Maul, or they can add Dark Sun and Pyke Syndicate units to existing armies. The Shadow Collective will come with a brand new Darth Maul figure featuring Maul wielding the Darksaber. It's unclear how Djarin and Grogu will play into the mercenary rules, especially as the Empire is a recurring nemesis of the pair in The Mandalorian show.

Earlier this week, Disney announced that The Mandalorian would return for a third season in February 2023. The season will apparently feature Djarin returning to Mandalore. Last season, Djarin came into the possession of the Darksaber, which technically makes him the rightful ruler of Mandalore according to their customs. 

Like other figures in Star Wars: Legion, Din Djarin and Grogu will come unassembled and unpainted. No release date was officially announced for the set, but expect it to come out later this year. Other Star Wars: Legion sets are available for sale at hobby stores now.