Celebrate Star Wars In Tamriel With This Interactive Ja'wa Follower Mod For Skyrim


The new Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, is out now and while many of us are still dodging spoilers like we're in the Matrix or something, it's nice to have a little stress relief while we wait to partake in the latest movie. If you're like us, you can't help but to go back to the world of Tamriel in Skyrim to traverse gorgeous landscapes and make dragons your bit... lovely companions. That's where this Ja'wa follower mod comes in. You're welcome.

He's not just eye candy either, this mod has actual in-game functionality to help the Dragonborn realise their destiny:


  • Ja'wa has the unique follower system
  • Ja'wa has unique voice reactions
  • Ja'wa will never get lost
  • Ja'wa is brainy
  • (and arguably the most important) Ja'wa is cute

As per the modder themselves, of course. In order to utilise this cute little guy, PC players must have all of the Skyrim DLC. From their, they can find Ja'wa in a lodge near the Sunderstone Gorge, which is marked on the in-game map.

You can check out the mod yourself right here, which also gives credit for the voice work and 3D modeling. It's pretty cool stuff, and gives a little celebratory edge for a Tamriel world far, far away. If you wanted more from the team over at Bethesda, they released a really epic Star Wars: The Last Jedi x Fallout crossover art promo earlier. Fallout: The Sole Survivor - it'll give a Fallout fan shivers, that's for sure!