Starbreeze Files for Reconstruction After Poor 'Overkill's The Walking Dead' Sales

Starbreeze has announced that the publisher has filed for reconstruction and will be parting ways with the CEO who has left the position.

The publisher announced back in November that it would be initiating a review of its costs and would be creating a program with the intent of better ensuring the company's alignments with its revenues. In that announcement, Starbreeze referenced the sales of the recently released Overkill's The Walking Dead and said they were "lower than expected." Starbreeze referenced the game again in Monday's announcement and said the game's statistics affected forecasted sales and "reduced the short term forecasted revenue resulting in an expected shortfall of cash in January 2019."

With that info about Overkill's The Walking Dead in mind, Starbreeze elaborated on what the reconstruction effort means for the company now that the publisher has filed for reconstruction within the Stockholm District Court. It also explained that it's CEO, Bo Andersson, would be leaving his position and would be resigning from the board of directors.

"The reconstruction framework will include salaries to employees of Starbreeze and operations will continue as usual," Starbreeze's announcement said. "During the reconstruction period, no payments can be made to suppliers for services or goods relating to the period prior to the date of filing for reconstruction. Suppliers will be paid for services and goods provided during the reconstruction period. As also announced today, Bo Andersson will leave his position as CEO. Bo Andersson and Kristofer Arwin have further resigned from Starbreeze Board of Directors effective immediately. Reconstruction would not entail any other changes to the management or the Board of the company of the Company who will continue to be responsible for its operation."


Starbreeze is known for publishing games such the Payday and The Chronicles of Riddick series, but its most recent game made available is Overkill's The Walking Dead. The game released just under a month ago on November 6th, but only for the PC version. The console versions that would've had the game out on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were delayed into 2019. Overkill's The Walking Dead has also adopted a "games as a service" model with the game's second season having already begun. It's unclear how or if Starbreeze's reconstruction efforts will affect the future of the game, but it's worth pointing out that the publisher 505 Games is the one in charge of bringing the games to consoles in February 2019.