Starfield Confirms Return of Popular Fallout 4 Feature

Bethesda's upcoming RPG Starfield has confirmed that a popular feature from Fallout 4 will be coming back. In the grand scheme of things, Bethesda has still been very quiet about what Starfield will have in store, especially when it comes to gameplay. Despite this lingering silence associated with how the game will play, though, Bethesda did happen to reveal within the past couple of days that the companion aspect of Fallout 4 will very much be incorporated into Starfield in a new way. 

Bethesda Game Studios revealed earlier this week a new character named Vasco that will be appearing in Starfield when it launches later this year. Vasco was previously shown off in a trailer for Starfield that launched in 2021, but Bethesda has now confirmed that the robotic character will be playing a much larger role in the title. In fact, Vasco is described as a "companion" character in Starfield, which seems to imply that they'll be able to travel all over the galaxy with the player character. It also implies that Vasco will only be one of many companions in the game, although Bethesda hasn't revealed any of these other characters (to our knowledge) just yet. 

As mentioned, companions were a feature last seen in Fallout 4 that proved to be very popular. Bethesda's last major RPG allowed players to travel with characters like Dogmeat, Nick Valentine, and Codsworth, among many others. As a whole, companions have appeared in a couple of different Bethesda RPGs over time, so it's not necessarily a shock to see this feature come back in Starfield. Still, it does confirm that Starfield will still have a lot in common with Bethesda's previous games even if it is a wholly new IP.

For those that didn't have the release date of Starfield circled on their calendar already, the game is poised to arrive later this year on November 11, 2022. When it does launch, it will be coming to both Xbox Series X and PC

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