Starfield Could Be the ‘Biggest Leap In Gaming Ever’

Ever since its official confirmation last month at Bethesda's E3 press conference, Starfield has been creating some huge buzz for the developer even though we still haven't seen any gameplay from it. But one unnamed employee of the company believes it'll go leaps and bounds beyond our expectations. Like, into another universe.

This comes from a YouTube channel run by Camelworks, in which a new video is featured, which you can see above. In it, the employee doesn't give any details about the gameplay but indicates that we could be looking at the "biggest leap in gaming ever" once it comes out. That's saying a lot from a publisher that's wowed us with such hits as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4.

Here's what the employee said exactly about the game: "Oh man, I wish I could tell you more. But…Starfield is the biggest leap in gaming ever."

Now, it's a little hard to break that down into detail since it's just a statement with no gameplay details to break it down. And yet, if anyone can take gaming in a new, innovative direction, it's more than likely Bethesda.

Granted, it's probably going to be some time before we end up seeing Starfield in action. We might (emphasis on the word might) get a hint of gameplay at next year's Bethesda E3 press conference and that's with our fingers tightly crossed. We probably won't see anything at QuakeCon next month although Todd Howard might (again, emphasis on might) say a little something about it.


Whatever the case, a lot of work has gone into Starfield at this point, as it's been in planning for well over a decade. So there's no question Bethesda wants to make absolutely sure they get it right. We're definitely hopeful that they will, and they bring this "leap" to us in the best way possible. We do have stuff from the publisher to enjoy in the meantime, like Wolfenstein II on Nintendo Switch (which you should totally play) and the upcoming Fallout 76, not to mention follow-ups in the Doom and Wolfenstein series.

Starfield doesn't have a release date but it's being developed for next-gen gaming hardware and possibly PC.