Starfield Release Window Potentially Revealed by Insider

There's been a lot of talk surrounding Starfield recently, which is the upcoming sci-fi title from Bethesda and developer Bethesda Game Studios. While we have already heard in recent days that we can surely expect to see the game show up next month during E3 2021, new information has now come forward in relation to when the title is planning to actually hit store shelves.

Coming by way of gaming YouTuber and reporter Skullzi, it was said that Starfield likely isn't going to release until next year in 2022. To tighten that window even further, Skullzi also said that he has heard a launch within the first quarter of the year is possible with March of 2022 being the most likely month. Previously, we have heard that a release in 2021 for Starfield was possible, but Skullzi said that based on what he has heard, those in charge at Bethesda and Xbox Game Studios don't feel a need to rush it out since there are "lots of releases this fall anyway".

This early 2022 window for Starfield is one that we have actually heard about from other insiders in recent days as well. Perhaps most notably, games industry reporter Jeff Grubb has stated that he believes the upcoming Bethesda title won't arrive until next year. Although he left the door open to a 2021 release potentially transpiring, it seems as though this possibility isn't too high.

Whenever Starfield does end up releasing, though, it sounds as though the game will only be available on Xbox and PC platforms. Since Bethesda now belongs to Xbox Game Studios, those who play their video games on PlayStation shouldn't expect to see this new RPG head their way.


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