Starfield Freebie Available During QuakeCon 2022

Starfield might not be at QuakeCon this year, but those planning on tuning into Bethesda's annual showcase can at least come away with something from the game by the end of event. Bethesda and Valve announced recently that Steam users can obtain a unique avatar for the PC platform that features a mashup of Starfield and some lovable pets by doing nothing more than tuning into some QuakeCon streams for a couple of minutes.

The freebie in question is a Steam avatar profile picture referencing Bethesda's upcoming Starfield game. It takes the box art for the game – the image showing characters looking away from each other with a spaceship and a planet bisecting the artwork – and replaces those characters with dogs instead.

It's called "Barkfield, and for those wondering how the dogs fit into all of this, the avatar is created as part of a QuakeCon partnership with the Dallas Pets Alive organization. The avatar artwork in question can be seen below on the shirt in the center advertised by the organization, but the avatar itself does not say "Barkfield" on it.

To get that avatar and start repping your Starfield fandom before the game releases, all you have to do is head to this Steam site here (where you'll see the real avatar itself) and watch some of the streams going on there. Specifically, Valve says you have to watch the QuakeCon stream for 10 minutes. By doing so, you'll get that and a couple more avatars as well as an avatar border.

"Catch the QuakeCon 2022 livestream and receive rewards!" the page said. "Watch 10 minutes or more of the event on this page to earn five special QuakeCon-themed Steam avatars and one avatar frame. Remember to login into Steam when watching so that you can get your rewards!"

You can also watch the streams via the Steam app itself which should advertise a QuakeCon 2022 landing page once you load it up.

QuakeCon is scheduled to continue running from now until August 20th, so be sure to check in on the streams before things wrap up to make sure you get your Starfield avatar.