State of Decay 2 Won't Have Any Microtransactions

In 2018, there's not many games you can play that can boast being microtransaction free. State of [...]

state of decay 2

In 2018, there's not many games you can play that can boast being microtransaction free. State of Decay 2 can, though.

Coming off the back of a release date announcement earlier this week, Seattle-based developer Undead Labs hosted an official livestream where they answered a series of questions launched by the community. One of these questions dealt with the industry bogeyman, microtransactions. Addressing this question, Undead Labs revealed its zombie survival-horror game will be 100 percent microtransaction free.

What this means is State of Decay 2 won't feature any loot-boxes or cosmetic DLC begging to be bought for $3. However, Undead Labs did concede there might be more traditional expansions at some point, as well as the already revealed Independence and Daybreak DLC packs.

State of Decay 2 -- which takes place 15 months after the first game -- is a community-centered survival-fantasy game, set smackdown during a zombie apocalypse. In it, you control a unique group of survivors, and have to decide the best strategies to keep your gang alive, whilst trying to improve their skills and gathering the resources they desperately need. According to Undead Labs, the gameplay emphasizes choice throughout the game. You choose where to set up shop, how to design and fortify your base, who in your crew is put in a risky raid, and even who you will recruit to be a part of your community. Further, every player will boast a unique experience, as the game's open, sandbox world responds to your decisions, with real-time and dynamic consequences.

Further, it will notably offer co-op multiplayer action, and be priced at a budget-friendly price-point of $30 USD (with an ultimate version available at $50). Often when AAA games are priced at a budget $30, it usually means there are plenty of microtransactions to make money on the back-end, which makes Undead Lab's decision to not implement any, all the more applaud worthy.

State of Decay 2 is poised to launch for Xbox One and Windows 10 on May 22nd. At launch it will notably support the Xbox One X, variable refresh rate, and 4K so you can enjoy the beauty of mowing down zombies as the video game gods intended.