Valve Now Selling Cheaper, Refurbished Steam Decks

Refurbished Steam Decks are a cheaper option for getting one of Valve's handheld PCs.

Steam users who've been on the fence about getting a Steam Deck due to the price have a new option that might sway their decision now that Valve is selling refurbished Steam Decks. The PC gaming giant announced the new way of buying Steam Decks this week while reassuring potential buyers that the refurbished units have been "thoroughly tested to the same high standards as our retail units" with factory resets and a range of tests to ensure they work properly. Best of all, these Steam Decks can go for as much as $130 off what you'd pay for a new unit depending on which version of the Steam Deck you're looking to get.

The prices for the refurbished Steam Decks are $319 for the 64GB unit, $419 for the 256GB, and $519 for the 512GB. The new equivalents to those cost $399, $529, and $649, respectively, to give you an idea of what a refurbished vs. new comparison looks like in terms of the cost. The refurbished 64GB Steam Deck is already sold out, so it seems the refurbished nature of the Steam devices certainly isn't dissuading anyone from taking advantage of the cheaper options.

Valve's site for buying the refurbished Steam Decks outlines the process that these Steam Decks go through before they're sold again. The site also says that those who buy a Steam Deck this way get a carrying case, a power supply, and the one-year warranty that you'd get when buying a totally new unit, so you're getting essentially the whole Steam Deck package albeit a refurbished model.

"Each Certified Refurbished Steam Deck has been thoroughly tested to the same high standards as our retail units," Valve said of the process for refurbishing Steam Decks. "Every device goes through a complete factory reset, software update, and an extensive examination involving over 100 tests at one of Valve's facilities. Among the tests are all controller inputs, the audio system, the screen, and internals. Battery health is also assessed to ensure proper functionality and longevity."

The Steam Deck just recently got another update to further improve performance in the library with that same update adding a feature or two that should be helpful for those who've got libraries that are growing too large to keep track of what games you have and when you got them. As those updates release, more and more games are becoming Steam Deck Verified with older games becoming accessible via that platform and more and more newer games releasing verified from the start.