A 7-Year Old’s Steam Game Is Easily Winning Over the Gaming Community

Considering all the negativity we’ve seen in gaming over the past few months, it’s great to [...]

Answer the Question

Considering all the negativity we've seen in gaming over the past few months, it's great to see one genuinely positive moment come from everything -- and from an unlikely source, at that.

A 7-year old has managed to put together a game and released it on Steam, and even though it's a title built mainly around text, it's one that's managed to win over the game community more than anyone could've expected.

The game, which can be found here, is called Answer the Question. It was developed by a savvy young developer named Penny McDonald and published through Say Again Studio. It goes for $.99 and is essentially a game that asks you a number of math questions. Get them right and you earn points. Get them wrong and you lose points. That's really about all there is with gameplay, but there's something downright charming about it.

"This game is called answer the question you get infinite questions its a game about math. If you are studying and want to play a game choose this one this game has addition so start playing and get smart!" Penny's description reads.

Thus far, the game has gotten overwhelmingly positive response from the community, with "Very Positive" reviews on Steam. One noted, "It's not a complex, blow-out game or anything, but it's clean and well done, and for being made in a few short days by a 7 year old who only just picked up a coding book 28 years older than herself? Wonderful. I hope you stick to it and continue to grow, I look forward to seeing what you do."

Here's another review: "When I was 7, I would be playing with broken dolls and crying over the fact that I didn't know what the antonym of 'full' was. I'm glad to know there are 7-year-olds who aren't as mentally challenged as I was. Math is pretty much my favorite subject, so that's a +1. This is amazing, keep up the good work Penny!"

Congrats to Penny on sweeping over the gaming community with something simple yet so highly enjoyable. We'll definitely have to give this a try.

Want to support Penny and check out Answer the Question? You can dive in here!