Steam Insider Leaks "Major Changes"

A self-proclaimed leaker says that some “major updates” are coming to the Steam that include [...]

A self-proclaimed leaker says that some "major updates" are coming to the Steam that include internal changes and Discord-like features.

Twitter user I am LOST tweeted some information that caught the attention of those on ResetEra as the self-proclaimed leaker indicated that they knew about Valve's plans for future Steam updates. In a tweet that's now been deleted, the user shared an image of the user-to-user chat interface that's supposedly coming to Steam. Others captured the image, which can be seen below, and I am LOST later shared another image that broke down what the platforms new group chats will look like.

"That's how a User to User chat looks like," I am LOST said in response to the tweet directly above. "The image above shows the layout for the "servers" (groups) chats."

Just a few hours prior to sharing those messages, the user published several cryptic tweets that indicated "the future of Steam might change a bit in the near future" and even shared some coded messages. The user appears to be wanting to poke Valve a bit by sharing these messages "more or less to see how they will act" and claimed that Valve is apparently already looking into finding out the leaker's identity and how they obtained the images.

Elaborating on the Discord-like features, the user also mentioned other changes that are coming to Steam that involve third-party contractors and some publishers that are supposedly leaving the platform.

"Lot of major updates, some *staff* leaving, ending some 3rd party contractors, the 'discord-like' update, some publishers willing to leave the platform," I am LOST tweeted. "Alongside that banning more and more top traders."

When asked about the contents of the "major updates," the user referenced the image above that depicts a new group chat layout and hinted at an "events" feature coming as well.

Valve of course hasn't confirmed any of this, but I am LOST has been tweeting frequently in the past few hours regarding the leaks and may continue to share more info.