New Steam Game Has a Strange Challenge for Players

Steam has no shortage of odd and unique games for players to try out, and thanks to the platform's relatively generous refund policy, there's seldom too much of a risk involved in testing games. While playing and refunding over and over again may not be the most considerate practice, one new Steam game actually gives players the go-ahead to refund it so long as they manage to beat it in two hours.

The game in question is aptly called "Refund Me If You Can," and it's available right now on Steam following its July 22nd release. It's a horror game wherein players are trapped in a maze with a monster pursuing them. The catch here is that you must beat it in two hours, and if you do, you're "allowed" to refund it.

"One maze, one monster tracking you down, will you have the courage and dexterity to escape this nightmare in less then [sic] two hours?" a preview of the game read.

The emphasis on "allowed" comes from the fact that you can refund the game whenever you want during the two-hour window Steam's refund policy allows for even if you haven't actually beaten the game. The gimmick works on the honor system, developer and publisher Sungame Studio says when you fire up the game in a message that lays out the rules and asks players to agree on their honor that they won't ask for a refund if they don't successfully beat the game in two hours. It can't be paused and says that success will be "locked forever" if you can't make it out of the maze in two hours.

While moving through the maze, the creators advised players to watch out for the monster as well as environmental destruction and to never stay still for more than 45 seconds. To help rule out dead ends in the maze, players can also toss down markers to indicate which paths should be traveled and which should be avoided.

From looking at a playthrough or two, it looks to be a bit buggy in parts, though it is a neat gimmick. Refund Me If You Can also only costs $3.99, so whether you can successfully beat it to get the refund or not, it's not much of an investment to try out regardless.

Refund Me If You Can is now available on Steam.