NIS Strategy Classics like Disgaea & Phantom Brave On Sale via Steam

(Photo: NiS America)

Ahead of a newly-announced February 9th press conference, some of publisher Nippon Ichi Software America's most popular titles are on sale via Steam for a limited time. Called the NIS Strategy RPG Bundle, the full pack includes games and their accompanying digital art books, including entries from the Disgaea franchise and Phantom Brave. The bundle is currently $40.07, a total of 36% off of it's regular price.

The bundle includes the original Disgaea, which first released in January of 2003 and became a worldwide hit for the PlayStation 2. The second installment of the tactical RPG franchise, Disgaea 2, is also included, along with full-length digital art books for both franchises. Along with that, Phantom Brave and it's accompany art book are included. On its own, Phantom Brave is currently 50% off on Steam, so players who just want the game with no add-ons can pick that up as well.

While the games should all be available in multiple languages, you might want to get ready for art books that you can't quite read. But, hey, it's an art book! While you might miss a few behind the scenes details, the bonus for the price isn't that bad, and you'll get full collections of hi-res images for your troubles.


Nippon Ichi Software's American division mostly localizes the company's games, and with that press conference on the horizon, it's likely that the news fans will be receiving will be focused more on translations than all-new games. The publisher has also been adding titles to the Nintendo eShop for the Switch, so while dreamers can certainly dream, we're more likely to hear about new games at something closer to a Nintendo Direct than this particular conference. But who knows? Spring puts the publisher just ahead of all major summer events like E3, announcing something early to show off later this year could always be a possibility.