Steam Summer Sale Launch Date Revealed, Broke Gamers React


Prepare those wallets, gamers, because it's almost that time of year again. Another big Steam Sale is on the way and if you listen closely, you can hear the sound of bank accounts everywhere weeping in trepidation.

The Summer launch date has been revealed for the next round of pipin' hot deals and with the June 21st revelation comes the incredible fan reactions. It's moments like this where you just have to sit back and cherish the gaming community because let's be real - our GIF game is STRONG.

The official reveal came via Twitter account 'Steam Database' but it's the internet's reaction that truly makes this story special. Here are just a few of our favourites:

Come on, how could we not include the Team Fortress reference? Steam, for those that may not know, is largest PC gaming client on the market. Owned by Valve and our Master Race Padre Gabe Newell, it's one of the most accessible ways to grow that title library at the drop of a hat.

Their quarterly sales are also infamous due to the insane amount of price slashing that happens, even on highly coveted AAA titles. With the younger members of the gaming community being out of school for their Summer shenanigans, yeah - the sound of weeping is going to be deafening.


The June 21st date also means that E3 will be all wrapped up, so brace yourselves. Between new title pre-orders going live and prior games being discounted in lieu of new revelations, the Summer Sale will be both a blessing and a bank-breaking curse. Such is the burden of gamers, we are the true champions.

What are you hoping to score in the upcoming sale? Any titles in particular you've been eyeing to drop a bit down in price? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below and tell us all about it!