Stellar Blade Reveals PS5 File Size

Stellar Blade's file size won't break your hard drive bank.

Since releasing a recent demo, the Stellar Blade developers at Shift Up have been giving fans all kinds of information to whet their appetite ahead of the game's release date. Last week, we learned that Stellar Blade will get a post-launch New Game+ Mode alongside new costumes for the game's protagonist. Today, we learned even more important information for players working with limited hard drive space on their PlayStation 5s. This info about Stellar Blade's PS5 file size doesn't come directly from Shift Up, but it has been confirmed as official. Thankfully, the hard drive hit isn't going to be too bad for the upcoming third-person action-adventure game.

Stellar Blade PlayStation 5 File Size


As the PlayStation 5 console generation has progressed, it seems like file sizes have only gotten larger and larger. For example, Cyberpunk 2077 takes up nearly 160 GB, while anyone wanting to install all of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will need to free up over 300 GB on their hard drive. Thankfully, Stellar Blade isn't nearly that large. It's been reported by PlayStation Game Size on Twitter that Stellar Blade will only need 30.448 GB on your PS5, making it tiny in comparison to many of the worst offenders we've seen coming out over the last few years.

PlayStation Game Size gets its info from official sources, so you can trust that this will roughly be the install size on day one. Of course, Shift Up might release day-one patches or other updates that may increase that size, so it's not exact. That said, you can expect to only need about 30 GB free on your hard drive if you're planning to pick up Stellar Blade when it releases later this month.

Stellar Blade Release Date

Stellar Blade fans will remember that the game was originally scheduled to launch last year before a December delay pushed it back into 2024. Now, Stellar Blade's release date is set for April 26th. At this point, you probably don't have to worry about Shift Up announcing a further delay. After all, the pre-load period is already for April 19th and the game already has that demo that players have been diving into.

Speaking of that demo, recently, the developers noted that players shouldn't be grinding it so hard to earn skill points for the full game. Everything from the demo will carry over to the main game, so players have been trying to get a leg up, but Shift Up recently tweeted that players should "go easy on the demo." After all, if you're grinding the first few areas to outpace the content of the main game, you're not going to be playing Stellar Blade's campaign as intended, potentially making for a worse experience.

Stellar Blade launches on April 26th for PlayStation 5.