Steven Ogg on if He's Involved in 'Grand Theft Auto VI' or Not

Grand Theft Auto fans have been trying to discern any details about a potential Grand Theft Auto [...]

Trevor Philips Grand Theft Auto V
(Photo: Rockstar Games)

Grand Theft Auto fans have been trying to discern any details about a potential Grand Theft Auto VI that they possibly can, and even GTA actor Steven Ogg says that he hasn't been exempt from questioning about the next installment in the series.

Ogg is a Canadian actor known for his work as Simon in The Walking Dead, but GTA players might better recognize the actor for his role as Trevor Philips in Grand Theft Auto V. The actor voiced the character and also did the motion capture segments for Trevor.

In an exclusive interview with's Brand Davis, Davis mentioned the rumors surrounding GTA VI and asked Ogg if he was involved in any way with the supposed game or knew anything about it.

"I've heard about that, and people keep asking me, but I have no idea," Ogg said regarding his contribution to any future GTA games. "The actor is the last to know anything, honestly. Like in everything."

While Ogg says that he doesn't know anything at the moment about the upcoming GTA VI, if it's actually in the works at the moment at all, he said that he enjoyed playing Trevor for GTA V.

"Yeah, that was a fun character," Ogg said about Trevor. "People said you get bored of hearing that stuff, but everywhere I go I hear that. If it was something I was embarrassed about, or I wasn't proud of I would be, but I'm proud of that character and it was a wonderful experience."

Ogg explained that motion capture was new to him, but Trevor's personality allowed for plenty of expression during the recordings.

"It was motion capture, so I got to sort of personify and embody this whackadoodle that absolutely had craziness to him, it was so much fun," Ogg said.

But as far as future projects are concerned, Ogg referenced the way that GTA games usually move onward with new characters in each installment, so seeing Trevor back and hearing more about the next game himself doesn't seem likely.

"He's a great character, I don't think they really follow ... Those series don't really follow the characters, they're separate, so ... GTA VI is what it is and I wish whoever, whatever it is, all the best."

Previous rumors about a GTA VI being in the works came from an actor supposedly listing the game on a resume, but the rumor has since been proven false. Speculation still runs exists surrounding the game and whether it's currently in production or not, but no confirmation has been given by Rockstar Games.