We Could See Even More 'Dungeons & Dragons' in Season 3 of 'Stranger Things'

Stranger Things could be shining even more of a spotlight on the popular roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons.

Earlier this week, artist Jared Flaming posted an intriguing Instagram post about a game of Dungeons & Dragons he was playing at Twenty Sided Store in Brooklyn. It seems that Flaming was helping the prop master of Stranger Things learn a little bit more about tabletop RPG play, complete with some awesome looking miniatures and a homemade map.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Stranger Things may be preparing to feature more Dungeons & Dragons on its next season. Not only do the core group of kids play D&D frequently, they also frequently compare themselves to members of a D&D party. The first season also featured some brief gameplay and the second season featured the use of the game's original Monster Manual when trying to determine how to defeat the sinister Mind Flayer and its legion of "Demodogs". Both seasons of the popular Netflix series also named their main antagonists after classic Dungeons & Dragons monsters.


Of course, D&D fans will note that the picture above uses Fifth Edition character sheets instead of the character sheets made for the "Expert Set" of the basic Dungeons & Dragons game used by Will Byers and his friends in the show. Flaming noted in the comments that the 5th edition character sheets were used only for learning purposes and that the show would probably use hand drawn versions of AD&D character sheets (which technically is a different version of the game than what we see in Stranger Things.)

The fact that the prop master of the game is trying to learn more about Dungeons & Dragons probably signals that the RPG will have a bigger role in the next season of the show. Or, it could be that the show wants to make sure its props are as accurate as possible. Either way, we can't wait for the next season of Stranger Things to come out soon on Netflix!