Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Getting Sagat, G Today

While the fighting community is still buzzing about The Walking Dead’s Negan joining Tekken 7, [...]

Street Fighter

While the fighting community is still buzzing about The Walking Dead's Negan joining Tekken 7, there's some good news for fans of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition as well.

Announced before the EVO Grand Finals yesterday, Capcom confirmed that two fighters will be joining the beat-em-up today as part of its latest season pass.

The first one will be a familiar favorite, Sagat. He originally made his debut as a boss character in the original Street Fighter before becoming playable in both the Championship and Turbo editions of Street Fighter II and has since moved on to become a staple character in the series. He's become quite the rival to Ryu over the years, so no doubt that will heat up as he joins the roster today. Yes, he still has his powerful Tiger moves, including upper and lower fireballs that make him a formidable opponent. (That knee, too.) You can see how well he performs in the trailer below.

In addition, a new fighter by the name of G will also be joining the roster today. Not to be confused with House of the Dead's poor Agent G (anyone remember "suffer like G did"?), this self-described "President of the World" is probably one of Street Fighter's oddest characters yet. However, while he looks a bit weird, he delivers a devastating blow to opponents, including various explosive moves that can devastate someone within just a few hits. You can check out his debut trailer below.

Both characters should be available for purchase by the time you read this. If you have the Season 3 Character Pass -- which was offered earlier this year -- then you can download them for no charge. Otherwise, you can purchase them for $5.99, or use 100,000 Fight Money to unlock them. You can also purchase said Character Pass for $29.99.

Hopefully the addition of these two fighters will keep the game moving right along in terms of momentum. Final Fight's Cody debuted earlier this year with a high level of appreciation from fans, and no doubt Sagat will keep that up. We'll have to see who comes around next!

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.