'Kingdom Hearts III' and More Headline Summer Games Done Quick's Game List

The massive list of games that speedrunners will be playing during the Summer Games Done Quick [...]

The massive list of games that speedrunners will be playing during the Summer Games Done Quick 2019 event has been revealed and it consists of big-name titles like Borderlands 2, the Dark Souls series, Octopath Traveler, and several games from The Legend of Zelda's archives. Come June 23rd, speedrunners will take the stage during the Games Done Quick event while viewers at home will watch them blow through boss rushes, complete co-op quests, and more as they complete these games as quickly as possible.

Summer Games Done Quick's full list of games that'll be seen in the event is an extensive one, so you can check it out here to see if there's anything that interests you. Kingdom Hearts III speedrunners will try to beat the game on the Beginner difficulty at any percentage while Dark Souls II speedrunners will be tasked with beating all the game's many bosses, including those who are part of the DLC.

There are some other runs that viewers might see take place during the event even if they're not on this list as Summer Games Done Quick has a separate tracker for backup events as well as those that got declined.

"This list only contains runs with an accepted OR bonus category," the page for the event explained. "If you wish to see which runs are on backup, please check out the submissions page. The total runtime does not account for races, and so will be higher than the final scheduled runtime."

Last year's Summer Games Done Quick event featured games like Cuphead and others played on-stage as the group raised more money for different foundations. The event raised over $2.1 million during the last event which helped bring the total amount of money raised by Games Done Quick to over $19.3 million over the years.

Summer Games Done Quick 2019 is scheduled to take place on June 23rd and will run the full week until June 30th.


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