Super Mario 64 Hidden Easter Egg Found After 20 Years


Super Mario 64 is a treasure that many of us indulged in back in the 90s, and the adventure continues to this day. Yes, many have been enjoying the ever enjoyable Super Mario Odyssey on the shiny new Nintendo Switch - but it might be time to head back to a classic, at least to check out this recently found easter egg for yourself.

Some easter eggs are carefully hidden, trapped beneath layers of hidden subtext. Not this one ... nope ... it's one of those that makes you scratch your head and feel a little silly for not noticing it before. Remember King Bob-oomb, the first boss fight in Mario 64? One Redditor noticed that the Bomb King himself has an interesting little metamorphosis of his own.

In the level, once Mario beats him at his own game, he dissipates into thin air. At least ... that's what we all believed. Apparently he has a much more shameful fate: once the King, he becomes usurped and lives out his remaining days as a lowly rolling ball in the pit of the very first level, which he demonstrates in the below image:

super mario 64
(Photo: Chad_J_Thundercock via Reddit)

Just in case you don't believe him, you can actually confirm this for yourself rather easily. Simply go up to one of the red bomb figures at the start of the level and they will thank you for your help and confirm this find with, "Big Bob-omb is nothing but a big dud now!" and then in then in that same pit you will find a random rolling bomb called, yup - you guessed it, "big dude."

The fact that we are still discovering different aspects about a game that has been out for 20 years is outstanding and truly a testament to why this title is so great. We can't wait to see what other random finds people discover.