Super Mario Bros. Movie Nintendo Direct, Final Trailer Announced

A Nintendo Direct focusing on The Super Mario Bros. Movie is coming in March, Nintendo announced this week. This next Nintendo Direct will take place on March 9th which puts the presentation just under one month away from the movie's April 7th release date. Giving an idea of what we'll get from that Nintendo Direct, Nintendo said to look forward to seeing the final trailer for the movie but cautioned against expecting any video game info on that day.

The Nintendo Direct for The Super Mario Bros. Movie will take place at 2 p.m. PT on March 9th, Nintendo confirmed in some social posts about the event. A placeholder for the stream has already been set up for people to set reminders ahead of reveal of the final trailer.

Nintendo Directs have been Nintendo's go-to method for showing off some of these early looks at the movie ever since the first poster for it was revealed several months ago. Aside from trailers or brief clips from the movie, these Nintendo Directs sometimes feature appearances from the cast or Nintendo bosses who shared insights into the work that went into the movie, so perhaps we'll get some of that, too, alongside the trailer that's going to be revealed next month.

It's also worth pointing out that the date the trailer will be revealed coincides with March 10th in Japan which has been dubbed "Mario Day," so even if this presentation focuses exclusively on the Mario movie, there's reason enough to be hopeful that Mario fans will get some more news elsewhere around that time.

Between these Nintendo Directs, we've been getting more posters for the film that show off different characters like Bowser and his cohorts. We also recently learned of the runtime for the movie, a runtime which has already been praised as a concise, not-too-long duration for the Mario movie.

This isn't the only Nintendo Direct that Nintendo has planned, however. Unrelated to the Mario movie, there's a Pokemon Presents event scheduled for next week where we'll learn more about whatever The Pokemon Company has planned next. That date also lines up perfectly with Pokemon Day.