Super Mario Movie Promotion Turns Amazon Boxes Into Question Blocks

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is less than two weeks away, and the hype cycle is clearly in full swing. Amazon is getting in on the action with a fun new promotion that's seeing the company's traditional boxes transformed into Question Blocks! It's a very cool reference to one of the most iconic designs in the Mario universe, and one that we know will be playing a role in the upcoming film. It's hard to say how common these will be, but they have been spotted out in the wild by Twitter user @Otamo24, so perhaps we'll see them more frequently over the next couple weeks!

An image of the Question Block shipping box from Amazon can be found in the Tweet from @Otamo24 embedded below.

Question Blocks first appeared in the original Super Mario Bros. on NES, where they contained either coins or power-ups, such as Fire Flowers, Stars, or Mushrooms. That tradition continues in modern Nintendo games, and some of the trailers for The Super Mario Bros. Movie have showcased how Mario will use them. In one spot, we see Mario sparring with Donkey Kong, before hitting a Question Block and grabbing the power-up inside. After a Super Bell turns him into Cat Mario, Donkey Kong begins cracking up at Mario's change in appearance.

Set to release on April 5th, The Super Mario Bros. Movie marks a major departure for Nintendo. The company has long avoided adaptations of its properties, but things are clearly starting to change in that regard. The cast for the Mario movie would seem to leave the door open for multiple spin-offs, including films based on games like Donkey Kong Country and Luigi's Mansion. Any additional movies will clearly depend on Illumination's success with The Super Mario Bros. Movie, but things look good thus far! Thankfully, Nintendo fans won't have to wait too much longer to see how the animated movie turns out.

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