'Super Mario Odyssey' Player Collects All Moons In One Complete Run Without Taking Any Damage

Last year’s release Super Mario Odyssey continues to be one of the best games for the Nintendo [...]

Last year's release Super Mario Odyssey continues to be one of the best games for the Nintendo Switch through this holiday season. And it's still amazing that only a handful of people have managed to find all the moons (880 in all...yep) in the game. But how many can do it without taking any damage?
Well, one player in particular. Based on this report from Kotaku, a superstar by the name of Timpani managed to get the job done in just over 10 hours. Not only is that a record for completing the game with all the moons collected, but he did it without taking a single hit.

The full run can be seen above, from the start to its very conclusion. And the fact that he can stick with the game for the entire run is beyond bonkers, managing to get every single moon without missing a beat.

An earlier record for the game was just under eight hours, but keep in mind that was just for picking up all the unique moons within the game, and not including the 119 that can be purchased (or taking hits). So, with those on top, and getting a full collection, this run is even more impressive to say the least.

There was also another record run by Dan Marchetti earlier this month, in which he managed to get 823 moons before his run ended. Not bad, though this one tops it.

Timpani has broken previous Super Mario Odyssey records in the past, including being able to get Mario's boxer shorts costume faster than other players (or, as some are calling it, the Nipple Any % run).

As for what pushed Timpani to make such a run, he noted that fellow speedrunner Bounceyboyy inspired him, as you can see in the tweets below:

We congratulate Timpani on the accomplishment, which, again, you can see above. Watching ten hours is certainly a feat, but it might just teach you a thing or two (or 119) about the moons you missed.

Super Mario Odyssey is available now for Nintendo Switch in both physical form and digitally through Nintendo eShop.